Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Marys Lab 3

The theme for Lab 3 was dinosaur train which allowed us to be creative with our activities and things we brought in. My group worked with the Pre-K which was different for me but very fun and full of great experience. We read dinosaur books to them and brought in pictures of dinosaurs for them to color in. The children really liked the books and pictures, allowing us to keep their attention, which was a big relief for me. We also had Blaze as our guest appearance and the children instantly fell in love with him, running up to him and holding his hand. Blaze coming in was good, but one challenge we met was getting the children motivated to do the activites instead of just clinging to Blaze. Luckily Blaze helped out and participated in the activities which motivated the other children to go along and participate as well.

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