Sunday, April 18, 2010

OUTSIDE!? Where did the gym go?

Lab 5 was very interesting for us because it was the first time we have been outside. Usually we are in the gym but for lab 5 we were outside and downstairs where the children eat and play with board games. It was more difficult to teach and maintain the children's attention outside, rather than in the gym, because it is a new environment and has more distractions. Despite these new last minute challenges it was a great experience and practice for when we have to think on our toes when we become teachers ourselves.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter at St. Marys

This weeks lab was very interesting. The theme of the lab was Easter. This theme was a very creative combination with the skills observed which was the overhand throw and catch. My group and I were assigned to special projects for the first time. We put together posters, hung them up, and towards the end of our time at St. Mary's we lead the whole group in a game, song, and cheer. One thing I noticed is that the children really like when you bring in props for the games that they can take home or that you wear even if it makes you look silly.
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