Thursday, February 25, 2010

Am I in The Right Program?

I, and I am sure I'm not alone, from time to time ask myself "what I am doing with my life"? My experiences at St. Mary's have been reassuring me that I am in the right field. I love what I do and what PE has to offer. I love working with the kids, interacting, playing games, and/or figuring out puzzles with them.
The more I lead activities the more confident I become in my teaching skills. I believe that I am getting through to the kids and they have a full understanding of the activities I do with them, and of course having FUN along the way.
At lab we have been experiencing a lot of different behaviors from the kids. There are kids who love the activities you come up with. They listen well, participate, and are always ready to play another game. Some other kids want to play other games or don't want to play at all. All these different experiences have helped me grow as a future teacher, and are enabling me to be more diverse, and be on my toes ready to go all the time.
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